“Ed’s work makes a simple photograph appear complex and a complex photograph appear simple. His passion for photography is easily communicated by the results. From the first time he allowed me to view a small collection of his photos I knew his work had to be shared with the world. I am now one of the fortunate ones to have his art displayed in my home and office.”

–F. E. Woodward, Washington, DC


“Art is one of the great pleasures of life. However, one rarely gets the opportunity to see the artistry of photography. Ed’s photographs are the exemplars of this combination. His beautiful, creative photos are a central part of my home decor. Be they photos of buildings or plants, reflections or animals — they are pleasing to everyone who comes to visit. The colors, vibrancy and energy are all present. I think everyone should experience my joy when looking at Ed Swonger’s creations!”

–Linda Creary, New York


“Ed’s photographs are truly a work of art. They evoke feelings of peace, joy, serenity, and wonder. From landscapes, to architecture, to sunlight and shadows, to flora and fauna, he is able to capture the beauty and personality of each subject. We have several of his photographs hanging in our home; each one unique, each one stunning. Every home or place of business should have at least one of Ed Swonger’s wonderful works of art hanging on its walls.”

–Pamela Shermeyer, Maryland


“Ed Swonger manages to capture with a lens those breathtaking moments in life that the rest of us experience fleetingly and relive only in our dreams.”

–Erika Gomez, Tokyo, Japan


“My husband Len and I are the proud owners of Ed’s Photo “Old South Church Reflection”. We have been with Ed seeing many of the same sights he sees but his vision of capturing the beauty and uniqueness of the photos is completely amazing. We think it should be enjoyed by all.”

–Susan Jolicoeur, Florida


“Ed Swonger’s photography captures very simple landscapes and architecture and brings it to a euphoric state. His use of colors are vivid and exciting. His photography allows me to transcend into a happy place every time I walk in the door.”

–Julia Walderzak, Massachusetts


“Ed once said when he took a picture he wanted people to view it as if they were looking out of a window at something beautiful.  Every time I look at his work I feel I’m looking out of the widow and right into his heart.  Thank you Ed.”

–Peter Vusvunis, New York


“I have several of Ed’s photographs. Ed has the amazing ability to capture, in photographs, what we miss with the naked eye. Usually it will take several viewings to really see what he does. Ed, thank you for all your hard work and your love for your art! We are blessed to experience art through your eyes.”

-Cheryl Gunnerson, New Hampshire


“OMG!!! Amazing, Fabulous, Outstanding. I loved every one of the pictures. You are truly a great artist painting with a camera instead of a brush.”

-Mary Pauline Jarmolowicz, Massachusetts


“Ed has captured the natural beauty of New England from the mountains and lakes of New Hampshire to the beautiful architecture of New York. We are huge fans of your artistic eye!”

-Diane Liakas, New Hampshire